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An Unscripted Spectacle - Wrestling with Wrestling

Dec 31, 2023

This episode serves as a heartfelt tribute to Marshall, featuring laughter, nostalgia, and a celebration of the passion that unites wrestling fans worldwide. Join me in honouring Marshall's memory as we discover the unexpected charm of professional wrestling with Kenny Casanova, a wrestling manager with a flair for...

Sep 13, 2023

WWE artist-in-residence Rob Schamberger creates wildly beautiful images that convey the emotion of high-intensity, televised pro wrestling.

We talk with Rob about his life as an artist, how we make what we can with what we have, and how his work is much like hip-hop. We also have a surprise vocal performance by Kayfabe...

Aug 15, 2023

Video game enthusiast James Deighan of Mega Cat Studios joins us to talk about the release of the world’s first wrestling RPG video game Wrestlequest!, his childhood love of the sport, and what REALLY happened to the Easter Bunny.

Brought to you as usual by Kayfabe News.

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Aug 1, 2023

"Oh my god, I love talking about wrestling."
- Nug
We loved talking with Nug Nahrgang about wrestling (and improv comedy, and live theatre, and a bunch about RJ City) for our latest episode. 
Brought to you as always by Kayfabe News
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Jul 18, 2023

Kevin Eck is a journalist, writer, magazine editor, heel manager, referee, and ex-WWE creative.  


Brought to you as always by Kayfabe News